UNESCO ASP in Latvia /

31. martā 2014. gadā

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network established in 1953 to encourage schools worldwide on issues related to UNESCO programmes in all its areas of competence. ASPnet has risen to the challenge of translating the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO ideals and priorities into improved learning through the conduct of effective pilot and flagship projects and the production of innovative educational resource materials.

ASPnet aims to promote quality education in pursuit of peace and sustainable development. Objectives of ASPnet are: To integrate GCE and ESD into the teaching and learning processes of ASPnet schools; To experiment innovative approaches on GCE and ESD through ASPnet schools; To strengthen the sharing of information, experiences and good practices among ASPnet schools.

ASPnet in Latvia

Latvia has been a member of the project since early 1990’s, and the network currently includes 32 educational institutions – representing different levels of education – all around Latvia. We expect that each school organizes different activities in one of four main thematic directions of the project in Latvia:

- Culture education and values based education: development of creative and open learning and teaching space, promotion of inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue, involvement of community in the process of education;

- Environmental education and Education for Sustainable Development: holistic education and whole-school approach;

- Human rights education: building tolerant and inclusive schools- through education and learning space.

- UN System and UNESCO’s role in it: focus on international cooperation, strengthening the local, national and global citizenship.

The list of schools is available here: UNESCO ASPnet in Latvia